group mtg

Have you ever had a bad meeting? One in which your groups goals weren't met, or fights ensued?  I've been through it all and would like to offer to help.

  • Agenda Writing
  • Group Agreements (rules/goals for your meeting)
  • Facilitation training, or providing facilitation.



Research and Education

Any good designer can research content, precedents, and information for a project. There will be times you may have your design already in mind but need to check the zoning codes and rules for your area, or you have a gap in your own knowledge I can work to fill. In this instances, I offer my services as a consultant to write a report, or any other kind of document to help you make your own choices and plans.

Beyond that architectural professionals are usually known for presenting their workin engaging, participatory ways.
So I seek to do more than just provide services, but to provide the means for people to do more themselves.
Though lectures, workshops, and other exercises, knowledge and skill sharing we can all be empowered to design
and think for ourselves.