What I Do

I believe that a designer for our times and in the future is one that:

  • Is understandable.

  • Embodies democratic virtues.

  • Lets people put their own meaning into their home,

  • Promotes alternatives.

  • Be a community ‘understander of problems'

  • Makes design less bureaucratic, elitist and specialized.

Why Architecture for All?

Architecture today is like a parade of skyscrapers and objects to be ogled at like models on a runway. It should instead be as livable and beautify our activities and not direct them. It it the inescapable art, it effects everything we do.
         Our society is one of dog eat dog and inequality, but this is wrong and it should change; thus everyone should have access to design services, By going straight to the public, and charging for services based on ability to pay, I hope to be the change I want to see.


Bringing Architecture to the People

Part of my stated mission is to go where people are; Thus you can usually find me at local farmers markets and community events

Here is a working list of places I'll be; Any suggestions for places I'd be welcome to table, or would like me to table yourself I'd love to hear from you.

Delaware Ave Farmers Market:  Behind the APL Delaware Branch



Architects look up

Architects look up

Social Action

Getting people Together with a Purpose

And More!