The Real Sharing Economy

 Being interested in alternatives to the current way of doing business, which so often excludes those that can't afford services like mine. I am willingto operate outside of the traditional currency economy,

Why care about Sharing and Gifting?

With each year, drawing and modeling software gets faster and easier, and the next generation of designers will be better than me using them. In the future a robot with be able to do most if not all of the work I do, perhaps all the work you do. But being a designer is more than working with technology, and there's more to life than being replaced by technology all together in the name of progress. In my lifetime, the core economy of community, family, and other aspects of the good life have been torn apart. Our lives are disconnected and precarious. I wish to developthese new models of economy and life for afuture in which I and others are valuable to oursleves.

The Gift Economy

The Gift economy is a new school idea of an economy that consists mostly of people giving goods and services as they go. Fostering community and personalizing everyday exchanges.  The first thing to understand is that a service for a gift does not mean free. I am simply allowing you the client to decide what my reward will be. Standard money, like in birthday cards is a legitimate gift, but lacks any thought. Doing business ‘in the gift’ is to trade the convenience of dollars and a fixed price for a closer relationship; a chance to rethink money as a tool, and not an asset. A gift could be your common household good, a service provided for the same amount of time I used to serve your needs, anything of a similar value to what is owed via a provided invoice or smaller items over an amount of time. The options are really only limited by our imagination.

How do I get Started? Two Options.

1. TimeBanking/Skillsharing:  Simbi is a timebanking site which is by far the best one I’ve used because it uses its own currency and gives new members a supply to start with. Items can also be exchanged for this cyber currency as well, making it the best platform to do everything discribed above. You can Find and join simbi here. Find my services listed there here.

2. Gifting is an exercise in trust and service, I ask you to judge for yourself the value of my services. For you to do that I must be completely transparent; relating all my expenses with itemization and descriptions. An exercise in accountability our we will make an agreement ahead of time. Gifting is a long term transaction, I'm prepared to let go of an immediate reward if you are prepared to work with me in the future.

I also plan on recording my experiences with this setup on the blog page of this site, check it out to see for yourself the challenges and successes of this concept.